let’s go for a hike

pink lake at gatineau park

The snow is finally melting and soon I can go back to one of my favourite summer activities, hiking at Gatineau Park.

I try to go for a hike every other weekend at Gatineau Park. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful and the best part is that I don’t have to go far to access nature.

One of my favourite trails is Pink Lake. You can complete the trail in about 30 minutes if you decide not to stop at the various lookout points.

Going for hikes is another way for me to stay active, I can either run or walk the trail.

fabby at pink lake at gatineau parkI prefer going in the morning because after I finish the trail, I feel like I can take on the day without coffee.

I love workout out outside I feel like I have better endurance. The fresh air and being away from the city noise help me focus so much more.

If ever you are looking for something different or to get out of the gym routine, I would recommend going to Gatineau Park. They have a full range of winter and summer activities to do.

What are the way you stay active during the summer?

à la prochaine !


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