archery games


You hear your heart racing, sweat dripping down your brow, you feel the warrior’s rush, you are fighting for honour, fighting for king and country, and yell, “tonight we dine in hell!”

But in reality you are on an indoor field, hitting your friends with a bow and fake arrows. The feeling of being a warrior or a bad ass super hero is the thrill you will experience if you ever decide to go play Archery Games.

I’ve had the opportunity to go twice. The first time we were looking for something new to do. The second, I went for my birthday and at the end I got a sweet free t-shirt!

When you arrive, you are greeted by a coach that will show you how load and shoot your bow. You have about 15 minutes to target practice.

When you get on the field, there’s an ice breaker game “ever men for themselves” to get you comfortable using the bow and arrow.

After that is done, the real games begin. You are split into two teams, trust me you want to play against your friends, it’s quite entertaining.

For about one hour, you play various archery games. I won’t reveal them, you will have to go and live the experience.

Getting hit by the arrows doesn’t hurt, but there is always that one that hits a random body part that can hurt, like your knuckles.

Not only you get to have fun and hit your friends, you get a great workout out of it too.

I can’t wait for the next games!

Fabby target practising before playing archery games            fabby on the field ready to play the first archery game






à la prochaine !


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