chicken & waffles

Now that spring has arrived (although it doesn’t feel like it), I am looking forward to when the snow melts so patio season can begin!

My friend David introduced me to chicken and waffles and that is all he would order when would go out. One day I went to St-Louis with the family and they had it on their menu, so I had to have it. It was the best decision I’ve made that day.

Imagine the plate, it comes with two Belgian waffles layered with breaded chicken tenders, topped with a garlic dill sauce and sweet sriracha served with sweet potato fries.
Chicken and waffle at St-Louis Bar and grill on Elgin street, Ottawa, Canada.Summer 2016
I know you are drooling. The chicken was tender, the waffle was crispy, and the whole combination was divine!

The restaurant has good service, good food, and has a live band that plays on the patio in the summer time.

Nothing is stopping me from going there now to have that meal, but I would much better enjoy it under a hot summer sun, with a few cold ones with friends and family.


à la prochaine !


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