yogurt & granola

I am not a morning person and I move at the pace of a snail when I wake up so I need to be able to grab something to get to work on time.

I’m always hungry, skipping breakfast is not an option and buying breakfast every day can get expensive. I decided this week that I would eat a medley of yogurt, strawberries, and granola for breakfast. It’s nothing ground breaking, but this is super yummy, fast, and easy to do.

What you will need is:

  • 5 mason jars with lids,
  • 500g of yogurt (I got vanilla),
  • 1 pint of strawberries, and
  • granola.

What you will need to do:

  • add 100g of yogurt in each jar,
  • add ½ cup of strawberries on top of the yogurt, and
  • add ½ cup of granola on top of the strawberries (so it doesn’t get soggy).

And Ta-Da! This took me maybe 15 minutes because I had to cut the strawberries.

vanilla, strawberries, and granola in mason jars

Oh my, are these ever good! Next time, to switch things up a bit, I will add blackberries or raspberries.

Bon appétite !

à la prochaine !


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